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Feeding a sick cat that simply refuses to eat

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As far as communication between owners or cats evolves, things do not go in a smooth manner. The situation does go on to become worse if there does arise a health issue with your pet. You can put your animal in the best cat air conditioner but no purpose if it does not eat food. Human beings have a strong liking towards a certain type of foods and the same situation would appear with cats. A certain type of foods is there which a cat might simply refuse to eat. This would be all well if the cat does not seem to be well and the digestive system does not function. Through a trial and error method, people are able to figure out a solution to these problems. The onus would be on to decide whether to give them a chance or not.

Medication food along with tuna water

The best reaction with bad health of your cat would be to take them to a vet. This would be a sensible move and what happens when you receive medication food for the cat. This would not taste better at all. It would be really tricky to assume that your cat does avail correct type of medication. In this regard, the best food would be tuna water. What you need to do would be to extract water from the tuna food. Then you can go on to add medication which would make it more appealing to the cat. An important thing to avoid would be actual fish as it can cause a lot of damage to the cat.

Get back to the basics which chicken and rice

Before you think that nothing would be too bad there are a few options to consider before taking the pet to a vet. Just try out the plain dish of rice along with the chicken. A single serving could provide your cat with a lot of nutrients and cats are not going to have any major problem with it. The focal point of this combination is that it would be easily digestible for the cats. Make it a point that you separate the meat from the bones so as to avoid further complications.

Chicken soup

Another effective remedy for your cat would be to provide a liquid type of diet in the form of chicken soups. As a human being, you decide to take up this route if any issues spring up with your health. The same logic applies when it would be the case of cats. Just to some tomato juice mix a few chunks of chicken. To pep up the digestive power of the cats you can also use an enzyme. In the preparation of this food, you can store the food for a few days. So you do not have to worry about preparation of food every time for your cat. Just cover the dish and serve it cold. Ensure that there are no leftovers of the chicken in the soup.