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Fascinating Peace and Tolerance Tactics That You Can Use For Self-Improvement


If we want to establish peace and tolerance in the world, we are going to have to start at an individual level. Global peace is only possible if people start making efforts to bring improvement individually. If the individuals aren’t fulfilling their duty, then we can’t expect to see any change at a significant level.

Being an individual, it is your job to see what you can do in your power to make a difference. Remember, before you start working on others, you have to start working on yourself. As strange as it may sound, self-improvement is the key to reducing a lot of world problems.

Tactics to Develop Tolerance Towards Others:

Following is the list of the things that you can do to make sure you are working towards a more peaceful world:

  • If you see some mistreatment or injustice towards someone, make sure that you raise your voice against it and don’t let the culprits get away with their misconduct.
  • If some injustice or discrimination is happening to you, don’t stay silent. Your silence can encourage this kind of misconduct.
  • If you are in a situation where you think you might be losing your temper, make sure that you don’t let go of your calm.
  • Practice anger management if you think you have a bad temper and you will notice a visible improvement in your attitude and the attitude of the people around you. 
  • You should make a commitment to yourself that you will refrain from physical violence at every cost. Remember, physical abuse is never the answer, and you can use more peaceful ways to make your point.
  • Make sure that you help others out as much as you can. Helping others will make you more tolerant and will also elevate the other person’s sorrow.
  • Adopt little gestures of kindness like smiling at people as you pass by them on the street and always greet strangers nicely.
  • Make sure that you spend more time connecting with people and learning about their feelings and ideas. They are learning about others will teach you how to be more tolerant of them.
  • Don’t neglect the importance of being more tolerant and become a living example of peace and tolerance for your kids.

Importance of Developing Tolerance in One’s Self:

By becoming more tolerant towards each other, we can eliminate many of the problems from the world. Following points elaborate the importance of peace and tolerance in the world:

  • A peaceful world is a perfect ground for newer inventions and discoveries as it brings people closer and helps them collaborate on ideas.
  • A peaceful world allows people to learn about each other’s cultures and values and hence increase learning opportunities.
  • A peaceful world promotes the idea of traveling and tourism and hence allows us to explore the beautiful world that surrounds us.
  • By becoming more tolerant, we can considerably reduce the crime rate in the world and save lives.
  • Tolerance can help to save us from wars that arise from little conflicts caused as a result of a lack of patience.
  • By avoiding wars, we can save a lot of human lives and also save millions of dollars wasted as a result of wars every day.
  • In a peaceful world, more attention is focused on the well-being of people and on providing them with better facilities for health and education. All of this, in turn, improves the standard of living for many people.

Peace and tolerance are essential not only for global peace but also for our peace of mind. A peaceful mind is a healthy mind, and recent research also suggests that people who stay calm tend to be more robust as compared to those who lack tolerance.